Expect the Unexpected!

So, I decided that I’d like to share my Sims 4 Big Brother somehow, someway, and that way is this way! I’m going to be making “episodes” frequently, updating you guys on the happening in the Big Brother House! Feel free to comment and follow along as this Sims Series takes it’s twists and turns… remember, there’s always going to be unexpected happenings in the BB house.

Format: Just like BB USA, there is one HOH, two nominees, a POV, and an eviction. What happens is based on naturally-created sim relationships!




Episode 20- Finale

Previously, on Sims Big Brother…

Week after week, a power struggle ensued. Starting from 8 HouseGuests, we have made our way down to 3!

12-28-14_12-17 AM

At first, it became clear that some people were here to make friends, while others were here to distance themselves.

01-06-15_6-13 PM

12-28-14_12-10 AM

12-31-14_4-45 PM

01-08-15_7-19 PM

Friendships formed…

12-31-14_4-44 PM

01-06-15_6-50 PM

Love blossomed…

01-02-15_10-49 PM

01-06-15_9-44 PM-2

01-07-15_11-45 PM-6

And shit went down…

Now, only three remain…

12-28-14_12-43 PM-2

Cameron Diaz. She socialized her way to the top, becoming everyone’s best friend and staying out of all of the house drama, surviving the most evictions out of the final three, and never needing to win an HOH! But can Cameron prove that she came here to win, or will she end up getting swept aside last minute??

12-28-14_12-41 PM-2

Dave Franco. Being this season’s hottie lamottie with a swimmer’s body, Dave proved to be more than just aesthetic, after making some solid alliances, friendships, and a showmance that dominated half of the game. He’s good at competitions, but can he step it up when he needs it the most, with all of his allies gone?

12-28-14_12-44 PM

Emily (a sim-self of my IRL friend). She started off under-the-radar, but after winning a lot of competitions and getting a lot of blood on her hands, she has shown that she is willing to cut who she needs to- even her own boyfriend. But can she overcome her lack of social gameplay and solid friendships with many people to take the cake?


Day 30

*immediately after London’s eviction*

01-08-15_7-45 PM

Cameron: I’ll miss her. But wow… we made the final three!

Emily: Who’d of thought??? So hip.

Dave: I’m just happy I survived last week, this week is even more pressure, though. Ahh!


01-08-15_7-51 PM

Part 1: Endurance. Whoever can keep at these punch bags the longest will be the winner!

Emily: Cam, you have this.

Dave: Forreal doe.

Cameron: Oh, stop! I’m blushing! I only work out 8 hours a day, not my usual 9 back home 🙂

01-08-15_7-51 PM-2

*2 hrs in*

01-08-15_7-52 PM

*3 hrs in*

01-08-15_7-52 PM-2

*4 hrs in*

01-08-15_7-55 PM

*5 hrs in*

Cameron: Ugh.. I-I-I can’t!

Dave: OMG

Emily: RT RT.

01-08-15_7-55 PM-2

Cameron: Why the fuck do I suck at every competition, even the ones meant for me?! Ugh, goodluck guys.

Dave: *falls into bag* Ow.

Emily: *sings Off the the Races*

01-08-15_7-56 PM

Dave: I- I can’t. *sigh* Good job Emily, another win *rolls eyes*

Emily: Thank you Mother Earth!

01-08-15_7-58 PM

Emily moves on to the final HOH comp! Dave and Cameron will battle it out in part two!

01-08-15_8-02 PM

Cameron: Well, atleast I get to eat before them… ew why does no one clean up around here?!

01-08-15_8-02 PM-2

Emily: Dave, nice try.

Dave: Same to you, too. Guess I gotta win this next part.

Emily: It would be so hard for me to decide between you and Cameron, if we are being candid.

Dave: Honestly, same. But you did kind of betray me in this game, so #revenge


01-08-15_8-08 PM

Part 2 HOH: Mental

Emily: Cam, Dave, this part will be a mental challenge. You will verse each other in cards! Ready??? GO!!

Cameron: It’s on Franco.

Dave: Bring it, Diaz.

01-08-15_8-08 PM-2

*tense tense tense*

01-08-15_8-09 PM

Dave: Annddd… Gotcha. YES! I won! Uhh… sorry Cameron.

Cameron: Well done, well done.

01-08-15_8-10 PM

DAVE wins part two of the HOH! Cameron, sorry, this makes you an automatic nominee for eviction! Dave, you will compete with Emily tomorrow night, during the live finale!

Cameron: Better take me if you make final two 😉

Dave: I just might 🙂

01-08-15_8-15 PM

Day 33- morning

Cameron: Did you guys enjoy your last night here??? I could barely complete my usual 4 A.M. wakeup to do my whole regimen, I was so nervous 😮

Emily: I slept in. Just got up.

Dave: I have my coffee so I’ll be a-okay for today!

After a tense, but stagnant day of doing nothing, we come to the present: evening.


Ready, Emily and Dave? Good. GO!

01-08-15_8-19 PM

Dave: I HAVE to win this, or else I’m gone!

Emily: Another comp win will solidify MY win!

01-08-15_8-19 PM-2

Emily: Just like prom, I’m lovin’ it 🙂

Dave: Ahh, I must dance.

01-08-15_8-19 PM-3

Emily: NOOO I can’t take it anymore. I hate Taylor Swift.

Dave: Wha-

01-08-15_8-20 PM

CONGRATS, Dave! You have won the Final HoH Competition! You ARE in the FINAL TWO!

Dave: Yay, I’m sooo happy 🙂 *happy dances*

01-08-15_8-22 PM

HouseGuests, you have made it to finale night. However, one of you still must be evicted. That evictee will become the final member of our 5-person jury.

Dave, you will cast the sole vote to evict, but before you do, each nominee may plead her case. Cameron, you’re first.

01-08-15_8-23 PM

Dave: Haha got that elite status!

01-08-15_8-23 PM-2

Cameron: Got that hot af status.

Emily: Got that I don’t give a fuck status.

01-08-15_8-23 PM-3

Cameron: Dave, it has been a true pleasure getting to know you! I’ve loved ya throughout this game, so please keep me, and not your ex-girlfriend. I may be a social butterfly, but she’s better at comps!

01-08-15_8-24 PM

Emily: Dave, we’ve had our differences, but I’m happy to call you a friend again. Yes, I betrayed you, but everyone betrayed everyone in this house. Cameron is best friends with literally EVERYONE in the jury, it makes no sense to take her to the final two.

01-08-15_8-25 PM

Dave: This was such the hardest decision ever… I have to take who I think I can win against. One of you is a shoe-in, and has been from the start. You never got into any beef with anyone, and everyone loves you…

01-08-15_8-25 PM-2

Dave: So, Cameron, I’m evicting you. 😦

01-08-15_8-26 PM

Cameron is the last person to be evicted from the Sims Big Brother House!

Cameron: Love you Emily. Fantastic plays from both of you guys, well done!

01-08-15_8-27 PM

Cameron: Give ’em hell, fam!

01-08-15_8-27 PM-2

*loud cheers from the crowd*

Cameron: Thank you, thank you 😉

01-08-15_8-27 PM-3

Dave: We did it!

Emily: I can’t believe we are the last ones left!

01-08-15_8-28 PM

Cameron, how hard is it to be so close, yet so far???

Cameron: Well, I’m already loaded, and lovable, and I’m srsly fine. Like, no worries. It was like summer camp!

Without further ado, let’s welcome our JURY!!!

01-08-15_8-33 PM

Queenie from AHS Coven, Scott Disick, Zach Rance, London Tipton, and now, Cameron Diaz!

Queenie: *eats* NO GIRL!! Why? Now I gotta vote for some thot to win.

London: Aw, Cam 😥

Zach: Salty af.

Scott: lol right it sucks for her most of all!

Cameron: Mmmm.

01-08-15_8-37 PM

Queenie: I’m just happy for my jury, aka prison release. Especially soon-to-be-released from this one.

Scott: Bye.

Queenie: You just mad cause you’re in the headlines for being such an asshole cheater. Bitch bye. I’m a witch, I’ll end you.

Now, the final two will give their closing remarks as to why you should vote for them!!!

01-08-15_8-37 PM-2

Dave and Emily: Heyy jurors!!

01-08-15_8-38 PM

Dave: Well, jury. I deserve to win because I was always cool with people here, the only drama I got into in this house was with the girl next to me; and I was able to stay here despite Scott and Zach leaving, the only two guys who had my back the whole way through. I won when I needed to, and stayed out of drama when I needed to, and I looked good doing it 😉 Emily and I both ran this game, but I mastered the social side, making friendships with lots of you! My biggest move was making sure Leah and Queenie went over my allies, and making deals to save myself even when I was public enemy #1, getting saved over Zach and winning when my back was up against the wall! Thanks 🙂 ❤

01-08-15_8-39 PM

Emily: I deserve to win for many reasons! I won two HOHs, and with those HOHs I targeted who my biggest threats were. I got out Queenie, and I got out Zach, and I got Scott out during one of Dave’s HOHs, who was one of his buds! Dave and I made a lot of progress in the first half of the game as allies, but I stuck with London and Cameron, which helped me make it to where I am now, and I cut Dave, who somehow managed to make it here. My game had more consistency, and I got more blood on my hands, which means that I played harder. Please award me with a win, thank you!

Thank you both! Now, it will be up to the Jury.01-08-15_8-41 PM-2

Jury, you will now each cast a vote for who you want to win Sims Big Brother. There are two mats, and you’ll stand on the mat to the right to vote for Emily, or to the left to vote for Dave. Cameron, you’re first.

Cameron: Well, I think you both played the best games out of anyone here. Super duper jobs! You both won the most comps and killed it like sharks in there! But, I think one of you played the best game of all. Emily.

01-08-15_8-41 PM

01-08-15_8-41 PM-3

London: Brava, brava! *blows kisses to the final two* I may not have won, but I know who should win! This person had my back for so long… before they voted me out!

01-08-15_8-43 PM

London: I vote for my hippie trash BFF Emily! ❤

01-08-15_8-44 PM

Zach: Not a hard decision at all. One of you barely talked to me this whole game, the other is a bud for life. Voting for my man, Dave!

01-08-15_8-45 PM

Scott: I’m the man, and I was the King of this house. Both of you aren’t worth my breath, but one of you played the better game and is a better winner. My vote goes to Dave.

01-08-15_8-45 PM-2

Queenie: So it all comes down to moi! Both of you bitches didn’t have my back. One of you was never aligned with me, and the other one decided to take me out instead of going after someone legit and making a big move. I’m not crazy about either of you pussies, but the one I’m voting for to win is winning because they did more with what they were given, and they were filled with less bullshit.

01-08-15_8-46 PM

Queenie votes for Dave! Which means…

01-08-15_8-43 PM-2

CONGRATULATIONS, DAVE! You are the WINNER of Sims Big Brother!

01-08-15_8-46 PM-2

Emily: Congrats, man!

01-08-15_8-46 PM-3

Dave: It’s been real!

01-08-15_8-47 PM

Let’s hear it for our Runner-Up, Emily!

01-08-15_8-47 PM-2

Emily: lol thanks guys. But really, thanks Cam and London ❤

Cam and London: Welcs ❤

01-08-15_8-47 PM-3

Dave: Hell fucking yesssss

01-08-15_8-47 PM-4

Dave: Bye house.

01-08-15_8-47 PM-5

*crowd cheers*

01-08-15_8-48 PM

Let’s hear it for our Winner, Dave Franco!

Dave: Got ’em!

01-08-15_8-48 PM-2

Queenie: I gotta sit down!

Dave: Guys you can get off the mats and congrat me.

01-08-15_8-48 PM-3

London: You look so sexy! Congrats, hottie lamottie.

Dave: Thanks London.

01-08-15_8-49 PM

London: Pics or it didn’t happen?

Emily: Okay, uhm…

Cameron: I still love ya, Ems.

01-08-15_8-49 PM-2

Well, from outside the Big Brother House, it’s me signing off.

01-08-15_8-49 PM-3


Final Placements:


8th- Leah


7th- Queenie: Dave

6th- Scott: Dave

5th- Zach: Dave

4th- London: Emily

3rd- Cameron: Emily



12-27-14_7-34 PM

Congratulations Dave Franco!











Episode 19- Hello, World!

Previously on Sims BB, I took a long hiatus and now I’m finishing this season up!! Emily won the final POV, and now either Cameron or London will be fifth evicted, and the fourth member of the jury of five!

01-08-15_7-02 PM

Dave: Do you think you’re going to stay?

Cameron: Hopefully. Ems and I are the new house besties! Prepare to be bulldozed before the final two 😉

Dave: Mmmm.

01-08-15_7-06 PM

Emily: Hey hey!!!!

Cameron: lol Dave was like, “Is Ems keeping you?” and I was like “IDK” but we know London’s bridge is about to fall down!

Emily: I love both of you girls though… I’m going to cry.

Cameron: BUT you’re keeping me 🙂 right?

01-08-15_7-19 PM

London: Ems, I can cook! I learned how to do that here. I grew so much! Yay me!!

Cameron: Yes, you really did.

Emily: *who do I keep?* Who wants some cucumber sandwiches??

01-08-15_7-22 PM

Emily: lol we both came for each other but we are going into final three together. Maybe it’s a sign.

Dave: Haha, maybe. I’ll need all the help I can get after tonight.

01-08-15_7-25 PM

Dave: *winks*

Emily: Ha.


01-08-15_7-27 PM

HouseGuests, one more of you will leave the house tonight. You have been here for 30 days! Anything getting old yet?

London: No reception.

Cameron: No paparazzi.

Dave: No James.

Emily: No driving!

01-08-15_7-27 PM-2

Well, let’s get right to it. Cameron, London, in just a few moments, Emily will cast the sole vote to evict live, but before she does, you have a chance to beg.

Cameron, go.

01-08-15_7-28 PM

Cameron: Emily, we are great friends, and I’ve never crossed you. You’re my main 🙂

01-08-15_7-28 PM-2

London: Dave, there’s something on your shirt. *bends over* *whispers* Did the camera get that angle of me?? Should I turn around?

01-08-15_7-28 PM-3

London: Keep me because I am a piece of art to look at and without me, you’re just an unfashionable nobody. I love you Ems! ❤ you too, Cam. And even Dave, even though you’re just here to get ignored tbh.

01-08-15_7-29 PM

Emily, please stand and cast the sole vote to evict.

Emily: I have gotten hella blood on my hands and I gotta dip a little more in tonight. Loved working with you girls, but one of you kind of sketched me out this week. Before I would’ve taken you over the other, but…

London, I have to evict you.

01-08-15_7-29 PM-2

London: But I needed the money to buy my grandma and my aunt new yachts 😦

London, you have been evicted from the Sims Big Brother House. Please say your good-byes.

01-08-15_7-35 PM

London: You are my BFF in this house always!

Cameron: Same, girl!

01-08-15_7-35 PM-2

Emily: I’ll miss ya!

London: Same!

01-08-15_7-35 PM-3

Dave: Come here, London!

London: Sorry you didn’t pull through and win veto and our secret deal couldn’t work out.

01-08-15_7-35 PM-4

01-08-15_7-36 PM

Okay, I’m ready…

01-08-15_7-36 PM-3

*crows roars to cheers*

London: Hello, world! Now I can go shopping and BUY THINGS!

01-08-15_7-37 PM

London, what are you most proud of?

London: Becoming a star chef! Now I can compete with my butlers! Daddy will be so proud of me! Yay me!
Well, the lovely London is off to the jury house to join Queenie, Scott, and Zach! Who will WIN Sims Big Brother?? The FINALE is next, where we will crown a winner, and the jury will return! STAY TUNED!!!



-Final episodes coming soon!!!

-There WILL be a season 2!!!! (cast reveal TBA)

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Episode 18- Final POV!!

Time for our final veto of the season!

01-08-15_6-39 PM

Emily: Cam, we’re both nominated… I know you and London are like BFFs, but London is a shady bitch.  She voted you out.

Cameron: I know, but everyone loves me, and I love everyone, so it’s hard to know where to stand!

01-08-15_6-41 PM

London: I’m the star chef of the season ❤ sorry girls that you’re up… at least I’m going to make finals for us all!

Emily: Um, there’s still veto.

Cameron: And I’m gonna win it!

01-08-15_6-45 PM

Dave: *whsipers* You or me need to win this veto.

London: Oh, I will. I won it last week, that’s my thing!

Emily: See?

Cameron: You have a point…


01-08-15_6-49 PM

Whoever can keep dancing the longest, WILL win the veto! Ready?? Set?? Hit it!!

01-08-15_6-50 PM

Look at these dancers, this is just like Dance Moms!

01-08-15_6-50 PM-2


01-08-15_6-51 PM

Dave: Ugh… is this Meghan Trainor?? I’m out.

01-08-15_6-51 PM-2

London: Hey, it’s just us ladies now!

01-08-15_6-52 PM

London: I don’t feel like dancing anymore, I’m too pretty to sweat.

01-08-15_6-52 PM-2

Cameron: Watch out, I’m a fitness queen.

Emily: I’m a desperate girl.

01-08-15_6-53 PM

Cameron: Ugh… the music got to me.

Congrats, EMILY! You have WON the final Power of Veto!

Emily: So hip!

01-08-15_6-55 PM

Dave: We tried.

London: I’ll be fine hun, don’t worry. Emily, can you please not use the veto? I like being safe 🙂

Emily: El oh el of course hun 🙂


01-08-15_6-57 PM

Emily: I’m a bad bitch and I’ll eat my shit.

01-08-15_6-58 PM

Emily: Emily, should I save you? Oh yes Emily, please save me!

I choose to save myself, obvi. Dave, name a replacement… a.k.a. London.

01-08-15_6-59 PM

Dave: Even though I should be super sad, I’ll drink my worries away! London, take a seat!

01-08-15_7-00 PM

London: What-ever-major-loser.

Emily: This veto meeting is adjourned 🙂

Who will Emily choose to evict? Cameron or London?? Find out, next time!

Episode 17- Final Nomination Ceremony

Last time, Zach left. We are down to FOUR!

01-08-15_6-04 PM

Dave: I guess it looks like I’m the ladies man 😉

London: I have to win, I’m a public figure!

Cameron: Ems, why’d you put on those PJ’s?!

Emily: Natural beauty, ever heard of it?

01-08-15_6-04 PM-2

Dave: So, Ems and I aren’t so close anymore… we need to stick together.

London: Agreed. I have little loyalty to anyone, but that seems legit.

Cameron: You me and London for f3!

Emily: You betcha!

01-08-15_6-10 PM

London: So if our f3 is working out, me or Cam needs to win our first HOH.

Cam: I’m pretty confident!

Emily: *chomp* Win for me ladies.

01-08-15_6-10 PM-2

Dave: I’m an outcast </3

Emily: 😐

London: My nail broke! 😥

HOH COMP- Most Skills

01-08-15_6-12 PM

So for this HOH I added up the skills they acquired in the house, and whoever had the most won. Here was the results:


Charisma- 2

Comedy- 3

Cooking- 5

Fitness- 5

Gardening- 1

Gourmet Cooking- 1

Logic- 4

Mischief- 1

Video Games- 3

Violin- 3

Total- 28


Charisma- 2

Comedy- 4

Cooking- 4

Fitness- 3

Gardening- 2

Logic- 3

Mischief- 1

Mixology- 3

Video Games- 3

Violin- 3

Total: 28


Charisma- 2

Comedy- 4

Cooking- 5

Fitness- 2

Gardening- 2

Gourmet Cooking- 2

Logic- 3

Mischief- 1

Video Games- 3

Violin- 3

Total: 27

Dave and Cam tied, but with 1 less than them, London is OUT!

01-08-15_6-26 PM

Emily: Sorry girl.

London: Hmmph.

Down to Cameron and Dave. Whoever has a higher score in each skill wins, since you both tied!

Cameron v. Dave

Charisma- Dave

Comedy- Dave

Cooking- Cameron

Fitness- Cameron

Gardening- Dave

Gourmet Cooking- Cameron

Logic- Cameron

Mischief- Dave

Mixology- Dave

Video Gaming- Dave

Violin- Cameron

Cameron- 5

Dave- 6

Challenge Placings:

3rd- London

2nd- Cameron

1st- Dave

01-08-15_6-33 PM

Congrats, DAVE! You’re the new HOH!

Dave: Hell yeah. Needed this af.

Emily: -_-

Cameron and London: Congrats!

01-08-15_6-33 PM-2

Dave: Got my safety for the week!


01-08-15_6-37 PM

Dave: So this is the final nomination ceremony. This lowkey doesn’t matter, but I’m nominating who I want to.. so yeah.

London, you are safe.

01-08-15_6-38 PM

Dave: I have nominated Cameron and Emily for eviction.

Cameron, I love you but I know you probs would have targeted me.

Emily, you broke my heart and tried to get me out, so I’m just returning the favor </3

This nomination ceremony is over bitchez.

Who will win the FINAL VETO, and have the sole power to evict??? Find out, next episode, on Sims Big Brother!

Episode 16- Bromance Breakup

It’s been a while, but last time Emily put up her boyfriend Dave with Zach, and Demily and Zondon both broke up! Then, London won her first comp, a POV, and didn’t use it. Who will be evicted?!

01-08-15_12-50 AM

Dave: I’m a sad sad swimmer.

Cameron: Aw, Davey </3

Zach: So, do you want ex-bae to go, or me?

Emily: Tbh, idk, but either way the Bros get split up 🙂


01-08-15_1-01 AM

Hey HouseGuests! Time to see our fourth person leave, and say hello to our third jury member!

First, nominees, plead your cases.

01-08-15_1-03 AM

Dave: Well, I’ve been betrayed and beaten down, but if you keep me I will rise up and fight against Emily, who is clearly going to win if no one stops her! Also, I’m a cutie pie 😉 so keep me.

01-08-15_1-04 AM

Zach: All of you are stupid ass sloots for having me up here, Dave and I are better than all of you and we’re bros for life. Emily, grow some balls and quit turning on all your allies. London, you dumped me so fuck you 🙂 and Cam, you better vote for me to stay, you’re my lifeline ATM.

OK, time for Cam and London to cast their votes. Emily will only vote if there is a tie. GO!

01-08-15_1-05 AM

London proved that she can read this week and that she can win a comp, but will she shoo out her ex-boyfriend or go after Emily’s target?

01-08-15_1-05 AM-2

London: I vote to evict the biggest tool ever, Ranceypants.

*checks mirrors on way out*

01-08-15_1-06 AM

Cameron has been on good terms with both nominees lately, and even gotten a bit closer to her former threat Dave. What will her vote be?

Cameron: I vote to evict Zach Attack… sorry hun.

01-08-15_1-01 AM

All the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evictee will have a few seconds to gather their shit and go.

By a vote of 2-0…..

Zach, you are evicted from the Sims Big Brother House!

Zach: Woes.

01-08-15_1-12 AM

London: Look b, I’m sorry that we didn’t work out. A hug for the road?

Zach: Fine, but you can still suck my ass.

01-08-15_1-12 AM-2

London: Mmm.

Zach: Ur still hawt ❤

01-08-15_1-13 AM

Dave: I love you man 😥

Zach: I love you too bro.

01-08-15_1-13 AM-2

Dave: 😥

Zach: Zave </3

01-08-15_1-13 AM-3

Zach: You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone </3 woe.

01-08-15_1-13 AM-4

Zach: Ranceypants is leaving the building.

01-08-15_1-14 AM

*loud cheers*

Zach, who was your closest ally in the house?

Zach: Davey poo ❤ London was my girl for a bit, but Dave was always my main. One hunna.

Well, Zach is off to jury! Tune in next time to see the new HOH and final nomination ceremony!

Episode 15- Read! Read! Read!

Previously, Ems put up her boyfriend and they broke up! And so did London and Zach, after he went up, too. Who will win that veto? Let’s find out!

01-07-15_11-56 PM

Awks as the house is now quiet after the big meltdowns…

01-07-15_11-57 PM

London: I cannot comprehend.

Cameron: I’m the only one not involved in drama! #TeamSingle

Emily: *glares*

Dave: You got a bone to pick?

Zach: Rich bitch.

01-07-15_11-59 PM

Dave: I’m just hella pissed that you did this to me. Like what is wrong with you?

Emily: We can still be friends. Just cause I betrayed you doesn’t mean that you should hate me! It’s a game, hunny.

Dave: You’re right. And I’m finna raise hell in this house now.

01-08-15_12-01 AM

Emily: Everyone is so pissed.

Zach: I know. I don’y really like you that much, so you can go.

Cam: Oh my 😮

01-08-15_12-04 AM

Cameron: Dave, you seem down. Let’s jazzercise!

Dave: Oh yeah! Ayyyye heyyy slayyyyy!

01-08-15_12-06 AM

Zach: Gotta get fit to impress all my fans! *gator chomps*

01-08-15_12-07 AM

Cameron: It’s so nice seeing you exercise, Zach! Fitness is fantastic!

Zach: Thanks boo.


01-08-15_12-12 AM

This veto comp is called Read ‘Til Ya Bleed! Whoever reads the fastest, wins!

01-08-15_12-13 AM

These three got their books right away and started, while the other two found a spot further away… wasting time.

01-08-15_12-13 AM-2

Zach: Ahh, finally the perfect spot!

01-08-15_12-13 AM-3

Emily: No… not there. I need to find the best place to read!

01-08-15_12-15 AM

Emily: Here is nice!

I didn’t get a pic of the winner– London finished first. Cam and Dave were close behind. The placements were as follows:

5th- Emily

4th- Zach

3rd- Cameron

2nd- Dave

CONGRATS, LONDON! You have won the Power of Veto!

London: First comp win bitches! See, I can read! I have a brain!

01-08-15_12-16 AM

Emily: Ugh, last place. 😦

01-08-15_12-21 AM

London: Haha Zach, look! I snuck in my cell phone! Let’s take a cute pic!

Zach: Fine… Say sawagoo!!

Big Brother: London, please take your phone to the diary room, shady mofo.

01-08-15_12-24 AM

Cameron: London sure loves to make food.

Emily: She’s learning how to do things for herself! I’m proud ❤

Dave: Except she still makes Zach help her with her baths. lol

01-08-15_12-30 AM

London: Dave, what are you doing? I can cook for you!

Cameron: Learn how to shower by yourself girlfriend.

Dave: Mmmmmmmhmmmmm.

01-08-15_12-31 AM

Zach: I wanna get crunk.

Cameron: Stay safe!

01-08-15_12-31 AM-2

Dave: Bro, do you think one of us will stay? 😥 I don’t want to lose you.

Zach: I don’t know, man. I hope London saves me with veto.

01-08-15_12-37 AM

Dave: And you ain’t missin’ dis Emily??


01-08-15_12-37 AM-2

London: So why should I save one of you guys?

Dave: Because my EX-girlfriend Ems is a punk ass little mofo who THOT she was cool, but she ain’t. She TRYNA be, but nah. It ain’t true. Bye Felicia. Kill my ass, but you won’t kill my class. Plus I got sass.

Zach: I should be saved cause even though I hate every single one of you, there is still a soft spot in my heart for London.

01-08-15_12-38 AM

London: Well, this was not really hard. I think you’re so sweet Dave, and Zach… well, I moved on from you. But Cam and Em are my BFFs and I gotta honor Emily’s HOH, it was a big move for her to put you gents both up.

I choose not to use the veto. Now is the camera getting a good shot of me or should I say that again??

01-08-15_12-41 AM

Dave: I HAVE to stay, I’m not gonna be Emily’s trash taken out.

Zach: Bitch asses.

London: I’m a gameplayer ladies! Haha look at me!

Who will be evicted? Dave or Zach? Find out, next time!!!!